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Judicial Watch • Hillary Clinton Must Be Proud

Hillary Clinton Must Be Proud

Hillary Clinton Must Be Proud

Judicial Watch

On the same week that a young and rowdy drug-abusing Hollywood actress announced that she is planning a trip to Iraq with New York Senator Hillary Clinton, a Big Apple sex museum honored the senator with a sculpture of her breasts.

The sculpture, called The Presidential Bust of Hillary Rodham Clinton, made its debut today at the Museum of Sex in New York. The artist says he was inspired to make the piece after actress Sharon Stone said Clinton could never be president because she is a sexual being. No word on whether the former First Lady actually posed for the artist.

The trip to Iraq is supposedly to entertain U.S. troops, much like Marilyn Monroe did in Korea in 1954. The show’s star will be 20-year-old actress Lindsay Lohan, who aspires to be a sex kitten pinup and is notorious for her party girl image and cocaine use, not to mention her revealing tight outfits.

This is not exactly the best company for a senator and presidential hopeful to keep. Perhaps that is why Clinton’s camp is trying to distance her from the actress after it became public that they plan to form a team.

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