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Judicial Watch • Illegal Immigrant Kills Officer

Illegal Immigrant Kills Officer

Illegal Immigrant Kills Officer

Judicial Watch

In yet another tragic example of the federal government’s negligence to secure the country’s borders, a Houston Texas police officer was murdered by an illegal immigrant who had been deported in 2004 for molesting a child.

The officer was brutally shot by the illegal immigrant, Juan Quintero, during a routine traffic stop and Houston’s distraught Police Chief blamed the U.S. Government’s failure for the lethal attack, saying that if it fulfilled its responsibility of protecting the border his officer would still be alive.

Ironically, a general order created in 1992 prevents Houston Police officers from asking people they encounter in traffic stops and other minor incidents about their immigration status and Mayor Bill White as well as Police Chief Harold Hurtt successfully fought efforts to place on the November ballot a proposal that could have required police to question citizenship. Perhaps they will change their mind after this incident.

Officer Rodney Johnson stopped Quintero, who was employed by a Deer Park landscaping company, for speeding in a company pickup and proceeded to arrest him for driving without a license or any other form of identification.
Quintero had previously been arrested for driving while intoxicated, driving with a suspended license and for failing to stop and provide information after an automobile accident. This time the Mexican national concealed a 9 millimeter handgun in the waistband of his pants and shot the officer four times in the back of the head. Officer Johnson leaves behind four young children and a wife, who is also a police officer.

The big question, of course, is how did this convicted criminal get back into the United States after being deported? Then there is the issue of his employer. Who would hire a violent and previously deported illegal immigrant? Slampo’s Place suggests authorities go after the Deer Park landscaping company that hired this convicted illegal migrant and allowed him to use a company vehicle. After all, like most illegal immigrants, this one didn’t jump the border and come to Houston for the scenery.

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