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Judicial Watch • Hillary Worse Than Nuclear Attacks

Hillary Worse Than Nuclear Attacks

Hillary Worse Than Nuclear Attacks

Judicial Watch

Instead of running for president, Hillary Clinton should be serving time in a federal prison for unlawful manipulation of the commodities market, shady legal practices, misuse of FBI files for partisan political purposes and conspiracy to violate federal election laws. So says a new report published by the Conservative Party of New York.

Available for free online the 48-page report offers an in-depth look into Hillary’s career and includes surprising revelations about her core personal beliefs as well as accounts of the scandals in her storied career.

The report was published because, according to the authors, another Clinton White House is comparable to a nuclear attack from third-world country or a catastrophic collapse of the U.S. economy. This is because Hillary is dangerous and much more devious and dishonest than Bill.

The report’s second part is perhaps the most riveting since it documents Hillary’s seven big scandals, from “Cattlegate” in 1978 when she turned a $1,000 investment into $100,000 with fraudulent commodities trades to “Galagate” in 2000 when she illegally concealed more than $200,000 in donations to her senatorial campaign raised at Hollywood gala.

In between there was the infamous Whitewater land deal, “Travelgate,” “Filegate,” “Lootgate” and the controversial book contract for which she received a record $8 million (including the $5 million advance) from a corporate giant – Viacom – with pending matters before the U.S. Senate and federal government.

The report concludes with Hillary’s Senate voting record and acknowledges her tremendous celebrity power, calling her a star and a candidate that begins where most presidential candidates hope to end – known by a vast majority of Americans.

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