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Judicial Watch • Hillary To Relive Bad Dream

Hillary To Relive Bad Dream

Hillary To Relive Bad Dream

Judicial Watch

Perhaps looking to make amends and empowered that her party dominates the United States Congress, Hillary Clinton has threatened to revive the very issue that cost Democrats control of the Senate and House more than a decade ago thanks to her incompetence.

The hot-button issue is semi-socialized national health insurance, a radical healthcare overhaul that was supposed to give the federal government the power to regulate the $900-billion-dollar-a-year health industry and control the type of care every American gets. Bill Clinton campaigned in 1992 with promises of accomplishing it and he put his wife in charge of working out the details shortly after moving into the White House.

The former First Lady created a secret 500-person task force and vowed to fulfill the American promise of affordable, high quality medical care for every citizen because good health is every American’s most cherished possession. Instead, her so-called National Task Force on Health-Care Reform came up with a 1,300-page draft that no one really understood and the first couple’s big plan never even came to a vote in a Congress that its own party controlled.

One respected academic from the University of Virginia wrote that in many years of studying American social policy, she had never read an official document that seemed so suffused with coercion and political naiveté. She said the plan had drastic prescriptions for controlling the conduct of state governments, employers, drug manufacturers, doctors, hospitals and you and me.

This perception contributed greatly to the 1994 election in which Republicans gained 52 House seats (and soon five more from party switchers) as well as eight Senate seats (plus two party switchers), ending four decades of Democratic control of the House.

Now that her party is back on top, Hillary wants to relive the (not so) good ole days with promises of national health care for Americans. She warned that “health care is coming back” and that it “”may be a bad dream for some.”

Sons of the Republic corrects the New York Senator, reminding her that it was not simply a bad dream, it was a nightmare for her and her party. Tammy Bruce warns that government control of its citizens’ healthcare is the cornerstone of every Marxist takeover in the world.

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