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Judicial Watch • Hillary’s Wild Spending Spree

Hillary’s Wild Spending Spree

Hillary’s Wild Spending Spree

Judicial Watch

Even liberals and loyal Democrats are outraged by Hillary Clinton’s exorbitant Senate reelection campaign expenditures in a race that provided weak competition from relatively unknown candidates who could never compete with her celebrity status.

The former First Lady spent more than any other Senate candidate this year–$36 million – even though she was certain to be reelected and many of her strong supporters are turned off by the waste. Much like a topnotch sports team runs up the score against a weaker opponent to prove superiority, Clinton outspent her virtually unknown opponent by a 7-1 margin.

One well-known liberal news web site, the Democratic Daily, accused Clinton of blowing a shameful $36 million on a shoo-in campaign and said her big spending is raising eyebrows among the people who raise money for her.

The frivolous Clinton spending spree includes more than $13,000 worth of flowers for fundraising events, $27,000 for valet parking, about $50,000 for pictures of her with guests and nearly $40,000 in “consulting fees” for her close friend Maggie Williams.

Clinton also spent $160,000 on private jet travel, nearly $75,000 for catering and a whopping $17 million on advertising and mailings. One big Clinton fundraiser said that wasting money drives everybody crazy and that the Senator “better get a handle on this if she is going to run for president.”

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