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Judicial Watch • Clinton Fundraiser And Friend Guilty

Clinton Fundraiser And Friend Guilty

Clinton Fundraiser And Friend Guilty

DECEMBER 07, 2006

One of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s top fundraisers and close friend has pleaded guilty to swindling a major public school district out of millions of dollars by exploiting a program designed to help minority businesses.

The wealthy Chicago businessman, James Levin, has contributed lots of money to a number of nationally known Democratic candidates and served as a White House liaison for other fundraisers during Hillary’s first Senate campaign. In fact, he helped organize a Hollywood gala that raised millions for Hillary and landed her finance director in court for concealing the money.

A former strip club owner, Levin also served on the national finance committees for Hillary’s senate campaign as well as Al Gore’s presidential run in 2000. As president of an Illinois fencing company, he admitted bribing the owners of women and minority-owned businesses to act as front companies so that he could benefit from a program designed to help those businesses win contracts.

From 1998 to 2001, his fencing company, Tru-Link, received nearly $3 million in contracts from the school district after falsely representing that portions of the work would be performed by minority- or women-owned firms.
Levin also admitted that he over billed Chicago Public Schools $207,000 for snow removal work that his company won in a separate contract.

So far no comment from the New York Senator or her husband, the former president, on the conviction of a rich friend who helped them raise millions of dollars.

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