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Lots Of Drug Money For Govt. Scientists

A senior scientist at the scandal-plagued National Institutes of Health has been federally charged with conflict of interest for taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from a giant pharmaceutical company involved in his government research. It marks the first prosecution in 14 years of an official at the taxpayer-funded institute…

U.S. Marine Killed By Illegal Immigrant

In one of the few states that still allows undocumented aliens to obtain driver’s licenses, a drunken illegal immigrant killed a United States Marine corporal and his companion by crashing his car into them. After the 2001 terrorist attacks most of the nation’s state lawmakers created legislation to prohibit illegal…

Big Time Fraud In Little Town

The former mayor of a small Virginia coal town pleaded guilty to hundreds of felonies this week for masterminding a scheme to buy votes with beer, cigarettes and pork rinds. As mayor of Appalachia, a town of less than 2,000 residents in historic southwest Virginia, Ben Cooper rigged votes, stole…

Illegal Cash Buys U.S. Citizenship

A high-ranking supervisor at the Department of Homeland Security accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes over a decade in exchange for “authentic” United States citizenship documents. The Homeland Security veteran, Robert Schofield, has pleaded guilty to receiving at least $600,000 for fraudulently selling documents to illegal immigrants

Illegal Aliens Breach Airport Security

At least six illegal immigrants have been caught with security badges that gave them access to restricted areas at one of the nation’s biggest airports. The Mexican men worked installing drywall and were cleared to access even the most vulnerable parts of Atlanta International Airport, including the tarmac. Federal authorities…

Imams staged “Pray-In” After being escorted off U.S. Airways Flight for Suspicious Behavior

Muslim religious leaders staged a “pray-in” at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport to protest the removal of six Muslim Imams from a U.S. Airways flight for exhibiting suspicious behavior. According to the Washington Times, “Passengers and flight attendants told law-enforcement officials the imams switched from their assigned seats to

Criminals Go Free In Louisiana

The justice system in a Louisiana city is such a disaster that hundreds of violent criminals have been recently freed because they weren’t brought to trial in a timely manner or key evidence was lost by prosecutors. More than a year after Hurricane Katrina hit the area and forced millions…

Secret Money Ethical In Texas Politics

Public officials in one of the nation’s largest states can legally accept unlimited gifts and cash without disclosing amounts, according to a new ethics commission guideline. Though it may seem like a joke, the Texas Ethics Commission affirmed this week that officials can indeed accept gifts and money from donors…

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