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Judicial Watch • Archives for 2006

2006 - Page 51 of 51 - Judicial Watch

California City Under Fire For Enforcing Immigration Laws

Violence between Mexican activists and anti-illegal immigration advocates broke out in the small Southern California city of Costa Mesa over a new law that makes it the nation’s first city to authorize its police department to enforce federal immigration laws. Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor said he proposed the law,…

Abramoff Guilty Plea Means Trouble For Congress

The anxiety level in Washington must be at an all-time high in the wake of lobbyist Jack Abramoff’s guilty pleas to federal charges of conspiracy, tax evasion and mail fraud. The plea was part of an agreement that the renowned Republican lobbyist made to cooperate with the government in its…

Don’t Drink The Water

The City of Los Angeles constantly brags about how great and safe its drinking water is, but apparently it’s not good enough for city officials who spend thousands of dollars in public money to purchase bottled water from private firms. The city has even spent $1 million to mail out…

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