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Judicial Watch • Fatah Leader Mahamoud Abbas Gets Millions From U.S.

Fatah Leader Mahamoud Abbas Gets Millions From U.S.

Fatah Leader Mahamoud Abbas Gets Millions From U.S.

Judicial Watch

The United States Government will give a renowned Palestinian terrorist leader millions of dollars to beef up his personal security and supposedly fund his commitment to dismantling terrorism in Palestine.

Despite documented terrorist roots and public hate for America, U.S. officials will give $86.4 million to Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahamoud Abbas, who is also the leader of the violent Fatah party that recruits, trains and supports suicide bombers.

President George W. Bush has tried to promote Abbas as a “man of peace’‘ who can help advance Mideast talks but the fact is that he and his followers are violent terrorists who spread a powerful anti-American rhetoric throughout the world.

Just this week one of Abbas’ former ministers wished al-Qaida success in attacks against the U.S. and told the terrorist organization that Palestinians “hate Americans more than you.” The statements were broadcast on Palestinian Authority television and the official, Abu Ali Shahin, encouraged al-Qaida target President Bush.

Groups led by Abbas continue their violent ways, despite his promises to curb terrorism. A few months ago militants from his Fatah brigade attacked Israeli forces in a West Bank refugee camp and shortly after Fatah proudly announced it had recruited 100 Palestinian women to launch suicide attacks against Israel. Giving this man and his group millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars seems outrageous and downright offensive.

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