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Judicial Watch • Hillary, Jesse Jackson Schmooze Fest

Hillary, Jesse Jackson Schmooze Fest

Hillary, Jesse Jackson Schmooze Fest

Judicial Watch

Hillary Clinton and Jesse Jackson looked very cozy at a recent Rainbow Push Coalition event that the reverend holds annually on Wall Street to pressure wealthy companies into giving his civil rights group millions of dollars.

Clinton was a keynote speaker and she was all smiles during her address to, what in effect, is a multi-millionaire’s club. When the New York Senator took the podium adjacent to Jackson, the two repeatedly chuckled and exchanged various pats on the back as they admired each other.

The Rainbow Push event annually features Wall Street heavy hitters that give Jackson and the organization he founded hundred of millions of dollars. Jackson promotes the event as an opportunity for minorities to empower themselves by interacting with industry and corporate leaders from every business sector.

The truth is that Jackson has intimidated numerous companies into donating hundreds of million of dollars to his organization by suing, protesting and boycotting them under the guise of redressing racism. Among the big players are Texaco, Anheuser Busch, Coca-Cola and Ford. Detailed information is featured in a Judicial Watch special report called Jesse Jackson Exposed.

The question now is whether the renowned civil rights leader, who counseled Bill Clinton after his sexual escapades with a White House intern, will support Hillary or the Illinois senator who strives to become the nation’s first black president, Barack Obama? Jackson himself launched two unsuccessful presidential campaigns.

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