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Judicial Watch • Hillary Replaced As Hollywood Darling

Hillary Replaced As Hollywood Darling

Hillary Replaced As Hollywood Darling

Judicial Watch

Taxpayers nationwide are probably thrilled that they will not finance Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, but it seems that perhaps the New York senator passed on public funding without first considering the financial impact of Barack Obama.

The increasingly popular senator from Illinois is Hollywood’s new darling, a role once played by the former first lady and one that brings in hefty campaign contributions. In fact, among the most generous contributions to Clinton’s campaigns and those of her husband came from Tinsel Town where most of the multi-millionaires are raging liberals.

This week, some Hollywood heavy hitters who once supported Clinton unconditionally, sent their rich and famous friends invitations to a February Beverly Hills gala that will raise some big time cash for Obama. The event is sponsored by movie moguls Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen, whose company, Dreamworks SKG, has contributed nearly $50,000 to Clinton’s campaigns since 2000. Additionally, Spielberg has personally given Clinton $11,000.

The Obama invitation says that the fundraising reception costs $2,300 per person and those who commit to raise $46,000 score a private dinner a Geffen’s Los Angeles mansion. Among those expected to attend are talk-show diva Oprah Winfrey, director Oliver Stone and actors Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

Obama has already earned the unconditional support of the country’s top black leaders, which of course will translate into votes on Election Day. Among them is Jesse Jackson, who earlier this week said that all of his heart leans toward Barack, an “extension of our struggle to make this a more perfect union.”

Perhaps Clinton should have taken the Obama factor more seriously before deciding to become the first major presidential candidate to forgo public funding in both the primary and general election. Of course, she did it to avoid Federal Election Commission rules designed to clean up presidential campaigns since she has already been fined thousands for violating federal election law.

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