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Judicial Watch • Secret Clinton Foundation Exposed

Secret Clinton Foundation Exposed

Secret Clinton Foundation Exposed

Judicial Watch

In violation of Congressional ethics laws, Hillary Clinton has for years operated a secret foundation that has allowed her and her husband to avoid paying taxes on more than $5 million.

Operated by Hillary, Bill and daughter Chelsea, the multi million-dollar foundation lists a post office box in Chappaqua, N.Y. as its address. It has given $1.25 million in so-called charitable contributions to a variety of questionable recipients, including Middle Eastern heads of state and a shady Arkansas friend who helped Hillary turn a $1,000 investment into $100,000 with fraudulent commodities trades in 1978.

The Clintons have also given money to their alma maters – Yale, Georgetown, Wellesley and Oxford – as well as a variety of Arkansas groups and the Little Rock Baptist church they regularly attended when they lived there.

Hillary has served as the foundation’s treasurer and secretary since it was created about five years ago and Congressional ethics laws specifically state that all members must disclose positions they hold with any outside establishment. Bill is the foundation’s president and Chelsea is a director.

In classic Clinton fashion, New York’s second-term senator said the failure to report her charity in Congressional disclosure reports (five times) was simply an oversight. Hang Rights Politics writes that this brings back horrible memories of Bill Clinton’s eight years in office and asks: How many more Clinton “oversights” and lies will Americans swallow?”

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