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Judicial Watch • Americans Murdered By Illegal Immigrants

Americans Murdered By Illegal Immigrants

Americans Murdered By Illegal Immigrants

Judicial Watch

The president, members of congress and other elected officials are directly responsible and should be held accountable for the ruthless deaths of numerous Americans at the hands of illegal immigrants.

An Arizona newspaper columnist blames politicians for the crimes and says they have blood on their hands, the blood of the innocent Americans murdered by criminals who are in the country illegally because lawmakers refuse to adequately guard the southern border.

The column opens with a gripping story of an Arizona toddler whose 37-year-old father was fatally hit by an illegal immigrant, who didn’t bother stopping after her car struck him, during a Sunday bike ride. The little girl will grow up without a father and elected officials are to blame, according to the story.

Then there is the case of an Iraq war veteran stabbed by an illegal alien living in his neighborhood, a mother killed by an illegal immigrant who ran a red light during a police chase and a 20-year-old man killed by a drunk driver–with forged residence and Social Security cards–who ran a red light in Peoria.

In that case, court officials granted the illegal alien bond ($150,000) despite a new law that denies bail to those accused of a crime and in the country illegally. Evidently, bond cannot be denied unless a federal immigration official orders it and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were not available because they take weekends off.

This is an example of the fact that authorities are afraid of enforcing their own immigration laws yet unwilling to rewrite them. Everyone from the president on down is to blame, says this writer who ends by saying that perhaps when the little orphan girl is old enough to ask about her father’s death, the illegal immigration mess will be fixed.

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