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Judicial Watch • Elected U.S. Official Leads Illegal Immigration Rally

Elected U.S. Official Leads Illegal Immigration Rally

Elected U.S. Official Leads Illegal Immigration Rally

Judicial Watch

The mayor of a major U.S. city who last year helped organize a massive illegal immigrant march starred in a similar event over the weekend in which thousands of illegal aliens demanded rights, waved Mexican flags and burned American flags.

The turnout was much lower than last year’s event, which featured about half a million illegal aliens clogging city streets and freeways, but the weekend rally still made headlines because it was organized by officials of a major city – Los Angeles–and its self-described ”Chicano” Mayor (Antonio Villaraigosa) was the keynote speaker.

In fact, Villaraigosa, an ardent supporter of illegal immigrants, told the group of about 5,000 that his “proudest moment as mayor of Los Angeles” was greeting the 500,000 illegal immigrants at last year’s march. He proceeded to tell the fiery Mexican flag-waving crowd that America is great and generous and there ought to be a path to citizenship for those in the country illegally.

The event’s organizers blamed the low turnout to the fear that “undocumented”” immigrants feel as a result of backlash and deportations. The thousands who made it didn’t seem one bit scared, however. They loudly demanded an end to deportations, accused a small group of nearby anti-illegal immigrant demonstrators as being racists and stomped and burned American flags as they chanted in Spanish. Loud Mariachi music played in the background.

One man, who admitted entering the U.S. illegally from Mexico about 20 years ago, even identified himself to a reporter and demanded that the U.S. Government must listen to illegal aliens because they aren’t just a few, but rather millions.

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