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Judicial Watch • Hillary Donor Expects Favor In Return

Hillary Donor Expects Favor In Return

Hillary Donor Expects Favor In Return

Judicial Watch

A South Florida billionaire and longtime Clinton financial supporter has given Hillary thousands of dollars and says he expects the New York senator to assign him to an ambassadorial post if she becomes president.
Jorge Perez, a real estate developer who appears on Forbes list of 400 richest Americans, is an important friend to have in Republican-dominated Miami, a densely populated area of a crucial state during presidential elections.

A loyal Clinton family friend, Perez is worth more than $1.8 billion and he has been very generous to Bill and Hillary over the years. He has donated nearly $30,000 to politicians in the last decade with the biggest chunks going to the senator and her husband.

Bill rewarded his rich supporter, who is an art connoisseur, by appointing him to The National Council on the Arts in 1994 and publicly acknowledging him during various Cuban Independence Day celebrations in Miami because Perez is of Cuban descent.

The billionaire has made it clear that he fully expects Hillary to do the same if she moves back into the White House. Being named to some kind of ambassador post is just one idea thrown out by Perez, who says he has made so much money that the important thing now is “legacy.” Evidently, this rich Floridian believes that , for the right price, he can get anything from Hillary.

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