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Judicial Watch • Migrants Sneak By Hundreds Of Federal Agents

Migrants Sneak By Hundreds Of Federal Agents

Migrants Sneak By Hundreds Of Federal Agents

Judicial Watch

A large group of migrants slipped into the country during a huge Homeland Security drill involving hundreds of federal agents supposedly sharpening their border security skills off of the Florida coast.

More than 300 government employees from 50 agencies were covering the waters off of Miami when two boatloads of Cuban migrants just cruised by them and made it to a South Florid beach. Evidently, the law enforcement agents were too busy intercepting imaginary Cuban migrants during their practice drill. The two boats that smuggled the Cubans sped off into the Atlantic and could have easily been drug smugglers or terrorists.

The Department of Homeland Security had promoted the drill with great fanfare and invited the media to cover it aboard U.S. Coastguard cutters.

Named Operation Vigilant Sentry, the mission’s goal is supposedly to intercept mass migration from the Caribbean. It was first developed to protect the U.S. coast after the September 2001 terrorist attacks and officials have tested the plan several times throughout the years.

This week’s drill was geared towards intercepting a mass exodus from Cuba that could be sparked by the eminent death of Dictator Fidel Castro. During the simulation, federal agents stopped several vessels loaded with fake Spanish-speaking migrants. In the meantime, the real violators slipped by effortlessly.

Federal officials dismissed the security breach that took place right under the nose of hundreds of Homeland Security agents. In fact, a Border Patrol agent in Miami actually said “we’re not embarrassed at all” because it’s not uncommon for Cubans to have landing. It usually doesn’t happen when hundreds of federal agents are actively guarding the coast, however.

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