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Judicial Watch • Ohio’s Jihadist Public University Professor

Ohio’s Jihadist Public University Professor

Ohio’s Jihadist Public University Professor

Judicial Watch

A history professor at a public Ohio university is an outspoken supporter of Palestinian terrorism who regularly works on his renowned Jihad web site while drawing a state paycheck.

The Kent State University teacher, Julio Pino, is a Muslim convert who says his Jihadist news service provides battle dispatches, training manuals and Jihad videos to brothers worldwide. It features an Islamic Jihad Manifesto for martyrs, a Taliban training video and tips on how to support Jihad.

Pino, whose Muslim name is Assad Jibril, also writes most of the site’s daily content during his regular, taxpayer-funded work hours. Articles include the Taliban’s search for 2,000 “martyrdom-seekers” (suicide bombers), pro al-Qaida pieces from Afghanistan and stories condemning Americans and President George W. Bush.

In the classroom Pino indoctrinates students in his pro Fidel Castro and Sandinista rhetoric although his passion is Jihad. In fact, in 2002 he wrote a tribute in the campus newspaper to a teenaged female Palestinian suicide bomber who murdered and Israeli teen and a security guard at a Jerusalem supermarket. Pino wrote that the bomber was no terrorist but had died a martyr’s death – .in occupied Jerusalem.

Academic and speech freedom aside, here we have a public employee who is paid with state funds yet helps and promotes the very terrorists who despise Americans and murdered thousands in this country.

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