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Judicial Watch • Terrorists Driving U.S. School Buses

Terrorists Driving U.S. School Buses

Terrorists Driving U.S. School Buses

Judicial Watch

Perhaps to keep from offending Muslims, a crucial Homeland Security bulletin warning that terrorists are driving school buses in the United States uses vague language instead of specific details that could prevent an attack against innocent children.

The warning, intended for local police departments but leaked to the media, says that suspected members of “extremist” groups have signed up as school bus drivers in the U.S. It noted “recent suspicious activity” by foreigners who either drive school buses or are licensed to drive them.

Issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s special counter terror division, the bulletin says that foreigners under recent investigation include some with ties to extremist groups who have been able to purchase buses and acquire licenses. Helpful details such as the identity of the extremist groups or a detailed description of the drivers was excluded purposely, evidently.

One well-known feminist political activist filled in the huge blanks left by Homeland Security officials since it’s helpful to know what it is you’re supposed to be looking out for; Muslim Arab Male Islamic Extremists. She encourages parents to check with school district officials and warns not to let the scourge of political correctness keep from doing what’s necessary to protect their children.

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