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Judicial Watch • Mexican Officials Coached Witnesses In Border Patrol Murder Case

Mexican Officials Coached Witnesses In Border Patrol Murder Case

Mexican Officials Coached Witnesses In Border Patrol Murder Case

Judicial Watch

The key prosecution witnesses in the case of the Border Patrol agent charged with murder for shooting a confrontational illegal immigrant are themselves illegal aliens related to the shot man and coached by the Mexican government before U.S. authorities even spoke to them.

When prosecutors in Arizona’s Cochise County proudly announced the first-degree murder charges against Border Patrol agent Nicholas Corbett this week, the failed to mention some important details that could prove damaging to their case.

First is the fact that their key witnesses are the two brothers and a sister-in-law of the shot man, who incidentally joined him on his illegal border crossing journey. Secondly, is the fact that Mexican Consul officials were allowed to interview and coach the already biased witnesses before they gave statements to U.S. authorities.

Mexican officials were granted unrestricted access to the apprehended illegal immigrants by the Border Patrol agent in charge of the Naco station where they were detained immediately after the January shooting.

The senior agent, Darcy Olmos, has a long history of pandering to Mexico and Mexican aliens and refers to illegal immigrants as “my people.” In fact, when ranchers near the border complained of vandalism by illegal aliens, Olmos said that ancestors of the ranchers had stolen the land from her people.

Based on these events, Cochise County prosecutors concluded that the shooting was not legally justified because the illegal immigrant did not represent a threat when he was shot.

Agent Corbett said he feared for his life after apprehending the group about 150 yards north of the Mexico-Arizona border between Bisbee and Douglas. The agent says Francisco Javier Dominguez became aggressive and attacked him with rocks after being detained.

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