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Judicial Watch • State College Builds Muslim Prayer Facility

State College Builds Muslim Prayer Facility

State College Builds Muslim Prayer Facility

Judicial Watch

A public college president who banned Christmas displays to avoid entanglement with any religion and assure separation of church and state will spend taxpayer dollars to construct facilities for Muslim students to pray.

The president of Minneapolis Community and Technical College, Phil Davis, announced a costly plan to install foot-washing facilities for Muslim students so their feet will be clean during prayer sessions. This clearly contradicts the school’s supposedly strict policy of not promoting religion or favoring one religion over another.

The hypocrisy among officials at the public institution was exposed by a newspaper columnist who pointed out that, where Christianity is concerned, the school goes to great lengths to avoid any hint of support for the church. In fact, a coffee cart playing Christmas music was immediately banned from the campus last December.

Administrators have a vastly different attitude toward Islam, however, and actually go out of their way to accommodate the school’s 500 Muslim students. College officials have worked closely with local Muslim leaders to ensure the prayer needs of the campus Muslims are adequately addressed. In fact, the Muslim Accommodations Task Force, which describes itself as the oldest and most influential religious organization in America, is guiding them with the foot-washing plan.

The effort has led some to accuse President Davis of adopting a bend-over for Islam management philosophy. Jawa Report calls him a politically correct leftist ideologue of the highest order who should be flushed from any position in academia.

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