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Judicial Watch • Texas Deputy Gets Sued By Illegal Aliens

Texas Deputy Gets Sued By Illegal Aliens

Texas Deputy Gets Sued By Illegal Aliens

Judicial Watch

Two Mexican illegal immigrants who admitted paying thousands to get smuggled into the United States are filing a multimillion dollar civil rights lawsuit against a Texas officer who fired at their getaway vehicle when it tried to run him over.

The Edwards County Deputy Sheriff fired in self defense when an alien smuggling vehicle tried to run him down in 2005 after he stopped it around midnight for running a red light. When the deputy, Guillermo Hernandez, approached the vehicle on foot, he spotted at least eight people lying down inside. He fired at the rear tires as the vehicle sped away after trying to run over him.

A department investigation into the shooting determined that Hernandez followed the letter of the law in defending himself but the same federal prosecutor (Johnny Sutton) who sent two U.S. Border Patrol agents to prison for shooting a Mexican drug smuggler at the border, still filed charges against Hernandez. In fact, the highly regarded editor of one reputable law enforcement news site wrote that just about everyone except Johnny Sutton thought Hernandez’s used of deadly force was justified.

Incredibly, a federal judge sentenced the deputy to one year in prison and ordered him to pay more than $5,000 in damages to a few of the illegal aliens for violating their civil rights under the color of law. Hernandez was also ordered to serve three years probation and to pay an additional $5,000 fine.

To add insult to injury, the two illegal immigrants are now seeking American taxpayer dollars in a lawsuit accusing the deputy of violating their civil rights. They want reimbursement for medical expenses and punitive damages for mental anguish. The suit will name Edwards County as well as its sheriff’s department.

The illegals (Maricela Rodriguez and Candido Garcia) were evidently injured by fragments of the deputy’s bullets. They have admitted to U.S. authorities that they violated federal law by paying $2,000 each to be smuggled across the Rio Grande from Acuna Mexico into Texas and they still live in the country illegally.

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