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Judicial Watch • Hillary’s Golden Palestinian Money Trial

Hillary’s Golden Palestinian Money Trial

Hillary’s Golden Palestinian Money Trial

Judicial Watch

Hillary Clinton has put aside her avid pro Israel stance to accept hefty donations from an influential Palestinian businessman with close ties to a renowned Arab terrorist leader.

A longtime friend and financial backer of both Bill and Hillary Clinton, millionaire Hani Marsi is considered the most influential supporter of the Palestinian cause in Washington. His pockets are deep and Hillary has just crowned him with the title of “HillRaiser,” for bundling more than $100,000 for her campaign in the first quarter.

The New York senator doesn’t seem to mind that Marsi’s pro-Palestinian sentiment contradicts her avid pro-Israeli stance or that Marsi was very close to the late Yasser Arafat, an Arab terrorist icon who founded the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Fatah movement.

Marsi has financially backed Hillary since she first became a candidate in 2000 and has vowed to continue supporting her all the way to the White House. In fact, Hillary raised $50,000 for her first senatorial campaign at Marsi’s Washington D.C. mansion and the cash has poured in since.

While taking money from a Palestinian heavy hitter, Hillary publicly supports Jews and endorses construction of a controversial wall separating Israel from the West Bank. She even criticized Palestinian school books as indoctrination because they describe Israel’s founding as an unprecedented historical disaster.

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