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Judicial Watch • U.S. Investigates More Hollywood Cuba Trips

U.S. Investigates More Hollywood Cuba Trips

U.S. Investigates More Hollywood Cuba Trips

Judicial Watch

Yet another famous Hollywood director is being investigated by the United States government for violating a federal law prohibiting trade and travel to the communist island of Cuba.

Long a favorite of the liberal Hollywood elite, Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro welcomes all America bashers and especially dangerous fugitives convicted of atrocious crimes in the U.S. In fact, Castro has proudly announced that Cuba is home to several criminals on the FBI’s most wanted list, including a Black Liberation Army leader who escaped from prison after being convicted of murdering a New Jersey State Trooper.

Now the Department of the Treasury is investigating director Michael Moore for violating the U.S. trade embargo by traveling to Cuba to film a documentary criticizing America’s health care system. The agency’s Office of Foreign Assets Control sent the Oscar award-winning director a two-page letter informing him of the violations and demanding a detailed report on the March 2007 trip.

Moore took several September 11 rescue workers to the communist island in an effort to demonstrate that Cuban healthcare is superior to that in the United States. He says the film, which will premiere this month, will rip the band-aide off America’s health care industry and expose the corporations that place profit before care and the politicians who care only about money.

In December Oliver Stone was fined by the Treasury Department for traveling to Cuba to film a controversial documentary praising the world’s renowned communist. The popular director has been to Cuba numerous times and considers Castro a good friend. In fact, Stone has repeatedly said that he admires the dictator’s revolution and that Castro is “one of the wisest men ever, a survivor” and a solitary fighter comparable to Don Quixote.

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