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Judicial Watch • Connecticut Becomes Illegal Immigrant Haven

Connecticut Becomes Illegal Immigrant Haven

Connecticut Becomes Illegal Immigrant Haven

Judicial Watch

Days after Connecticut lawmakers adopted a law to give illegal immigrants reduced college tuition rates, legislators in the state’s second-largest city overwhelmingly approved official identification cards to help illegal immigrants assimilate.

The New Haven board of aldermen passed a law that will allow the city to issue official identification cards so that illegal aliens can benefit from an array of public services as well as open bank accounts. New Haven Mayor John DeStefano said it’s a great decision because those who don’t qualify for state-issued drivers’ licenses – in other words illegal immigrants – will be able to receive access to the services that they deserve as residents of New Haven.

The mayor and his supporters have worked vigorously on the plan for years. When the board of aldermen finally made it official this week, the chambers was packed with a rowdy crowd that chanted in Spanish; si, se puede (yes, we can). Other sound effects included loud applause from a standing crowd.

New Haven’s new measure gives the state’s illegal immigration advocates a one-two punch in less than a week. Days earlier the state senate adopted a bill that will give those in the country illegally in-state tuition rates at public colleges. The state’s House of Representatives has already voted to pass the law and if Governor Jodi Rell lets it stand, Connecticut would become the 11th state to give illegal immigrants the privilege.

One Connecticut political web site calls the bill disgraceful and demands a veto from Rell. It points out that lawmakers are rewarding illegal aliens with post-secondary school tuition breaks yet they killed legislation that would have helped children of those killed in the military obtain a post-secondary education.

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