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Judicial Watch • D.C. Day Laborer Crisis Out Of Control

D.C. Day Laborer Crisis Out Of Control

D.C. Day Laborer Crisis Out Of Control

JUNE 18, 2007

Months after half a million taxpayer dollars were earmarked for a District of Columbia day laborer center, frustrated residents complain that the unruly illegal immigrants continue littering their neighborhoods, urinating on walls and sleeping under their porches.

The day laborer situation spiraled out of control last year in the northeast Washington D.C. neighborhood when an increasing number of illegal immigrant men began loitering in a shopping center parking lot as they searched for work. Area residents complained and so did customers of the retail outlets who got harassed by the illegal immigrants.

D.C. Councilman Harry Thomas decided to form a partnership between the retailers that attracted the illegal workers and the city. Thomas, who represents the working class community in Ward 5, actually persuaded his fellow lawmakers to earmark $500,000 of public funds for an official day laborer center.

Not only have residents been asked to finance the training facility for illegal immigrants, they must still deal with the public safety threats created daily by the hundreds of illegal aliens that litter their neighborhoods. One resident, who said the illegal immigrants often bang on house doors asking for food, said neighbors are on the edge.

A police officer hired by a home improvement store during his off hours, said he arrests about two day laborers a week for things like drinking and urinating in public. One day laborer from Peru admitted that many of his fellow illegal immigrants come to work, but many also come to drink, sleep and make noise.

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