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Judicial Watch • Drunken Illegal Immigrant Kills Young College Athlete

Drunken Illegal Immigrant Kills Young College Athlete

Drunken Illegal Immigrant Kills Young College Athlete

Judicial Watch

A drunken illegal immigrant previously convicted of multiple felonies in U.S. courts caused a fatal car crash that killed a beloved 22-year-old collegiate athlete in Tennessee.

The illegal immigrant, Victor Benitez, was heavily intoxicated when his sports utility vehicle struck a car driven by a Tennessee State University track athlete (Joycelyn Gardiner), who was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital about an hour later.

Benitez has a long rap sheet that includes a total of four convictions in Nashville for burglary, public intoxication and disorderly conduct. The multiple offender was last arrested in November 2006 and, incredibly, was released from jail after serving a seven-day sentence.

The county sheriff in the Nashville area where the tragic incident occurred has since launched a public safety program to run instant immigration checks on every foreign born suspect booked into the metro jail. Davidson County Sheriff officials finally began the procedure in response to multiple fatal crashes in their jurisdiction committed by intoxicated illegal aliens.

Many of the criminals, like the Mexican man who killed the young athlete this week, had been previously arrested and convicted in Nashville but not identified as being in the country illegally.

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