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Judicial Watch • Hillary Co Chair Fabian Nuñez Avoids Cash Rules

Hillary Co Chair Fabian Nuñez Avoids Cash Rules

Hillary Co Chair Fabian Nuñez Avoids Cash Rules

Judicial Watch

A California legislator who is national co chair of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has secretly exceeded contribution limits by having special interests – with laws before him – donate hefty sums to a ballot measure that will keep him in office longer.

Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez, a Democrat and well-known figure of the La Raza pro illegal immigration movement, has found a creative way to violate state laws that restrict political donations to $7,200 by instead having millions contributed to his top cause; a bill that will actually rewrite California’s term-limit law to allow him to serve another six years in the legislature.

If the law doesn’t pass, Nuñez will be termed out of office in 2008 and if it does he will serve another six years. This is why deep-pocketed special interest groups – including corporations, unions, utilities and gambling enterprises–have bankrolled his coveted ballot measure by donating nearly $2 million to help it succeed.

All the money has been collected in the last two months as Nuñez and his partisan political allies decide on hundreds of laws of concern to the very people and interest groups that cut the checks. Nuñez has clearly been influenced by the cash. For instance, Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has proposed a %4 levy on hospital revenues in his health insurance measure but Nuñez, who received $100,000 from the political arm of the California Hospital Association, conveniently left that provision out of his plan for covering millions of uninsured residents.

Clinton named Nuñez, a renowned advocate of illegal immigration and organizer of huge marches, as a campaign national co chair last month. The legislator is best known for delivering fiery anti-American speeches at immigrant rallies, referring to U.S. lawmakers as rednecks and declaring “war” on Schwarzenegger because the governor supports securing the southern border as well as legislative measures to help curb the state’s illegal immigration crisis.

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