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Judicial Watch • Violent Felons Among Illegal Immigrants Arrested

Violent Felons Among Illegal Immigrants Arrested

Violent Felons Among Illegal Immigrants Arrested

Judicial Watch

Days after a drunken illegal immigrant with multiple felony convictions killed a collegiate athlete in Tennessee, federal authorities in Southern California arrested dozens of criminal illegal aliens who could have continued victimizing Americans.

At least 27 of the 175 illegal immigrants arrested in the raid have criminal records for atrocious crimes such as child molestation and murder. The rest were previously deported fugitives who repeatedly violated U.S. deportation orders. Some actually reentered the country after being deported to their native Mexico.

The case of one child molester illustrates the incompetence and negligence of federal authorities in charge of deporting criminal illegal immigrants. After being convicted in a U.S. court of child molestation, Jamie Pena-Martinez was supposedly deported to his native Mexico yet he continued living in the Southern California city of Santa Ana. Hopefully this time he will actually be deported.

Most of the others arrested had been previously deported, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials, yet they somehow made back into the U.S. In fact, ICE officials admit that there are currently 632,189 fugitive aliens living in the U.S., the majority of them from Mexico.

Along with recent reports of illegal immigrants committing serious felonies in this country, this raid certainly helps build a case against the humble and hard-working illegal aliens who come simply to feed their families.

Last week’s horrific murder of a Tennessee college track star is only one example. The Mexican man had been convicted of multiple crimes in U.S. courts – including burglary, public intoxication and disorderly conduct–and actually served prison time, yet he remained in the country.

Just a few weeks ago, federal agents in Oregon arrested dozens of illegal immigrants who had stolen the Social Security numbers of dead and elderly Americans to work at a food processing plant. A similar bust in Missouri earlier this year led to the arrest of 100 undocumented workers who had stolen U.S. residents’ identities and last year federal authorities announced that thousands of illegal immigrants across the nation were arrested for stealing the identities of United States citizens to obtain jobs.

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