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Judicial Watch • D.C. Day Laborer Center To Open This Month

D.C. Day Laborer Center To Open This Month

D.C. Day Laborer Center To Open This Month

Judicial Watch

The District of Columbia councilman who secured half a million taxpayer dollars for a day laborer center to provide illegal immigrants with employment services says a temporary center will open by the end of this month while city officials contemplate two possible sites for the permanent location.

When frustrated residents complained that unruly illegal immigrants were ruining their neighborhoods by littering , urinating on walls and sleeping under their porches, D.C. Councilman Harry Thomas offered a costly solution to be financed by the victims – law-abiding taxpayers.

He convinced his fellow lawmakers to earmark $500,000 to create a day laborer center, complete with a multicultural facility, restrooms and free job training for those who have violated federal U.S. law by entering and living in the country illegally.

City officials have put quite a bit of effort and time into finding the perfect spot for the facility and now they have narrowed it down to a pair of sites near a northeast Washington D.C. shopping plaza where illegal immigrant men have long loitered and harassed customers of the retail outlets.

Although the center will be operated by a government agency (D.C. Department of Employment Services) that requires immigration status checks for all who receive benefits, there are no plans to conduct such checks for the new day laborer center. Additionally, the Metropolitan Police Department has a policy that prohibits officers from asking a person’s immigration status.

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