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Judicial Watch • Middle Easterners Smuggled Into U.S. Through Mexico

Middle Easterners Smuggled Into U.S. Through Mexico

Middle Easterners Smuggled Into U.S. Through Mexico

Judicial Watch

Illustrating the national security threat created by failing to protect the southern border, a Mexican human smuggling operation has helped Iraqis and other Middle Eastern individuals sneak into the United States through the Rio Grande for more than a year.

Based in Chaparral New Mexico, the lucrative smuggling ring initially sneaked Mexicans and central Americans across the U.S. border but operators took on Middle Eastern customers more than a year ago because they paid thousands more to make it north.

An alarming Federal Bureau of Investigation report says the Middle Eastern illegal aliens paid the smugglers a fee of $20,000 to come to the U.S. They would meet at a specified house near the border in Mexico and then cross the Rio Grande, the 1,885-mile river that divides the U.S. from Mexico and flows through Colorado, New Mexico and Texas.

Once they got across the border, contacts in the U.S. would transport the smuggled Middle Easterners to train stations in El Paso Texas or Belen New Mexico. Completely undetected by Federal immigration authorities, they have roamed freely and covertly in the country possibly planning a deadly attack.

This dangerous violation of national security fuels the argument for a secure border fence since, as Right Truth points out, it has been documented that Middle Eastern groups want to get inside the U.S. to bring nuclear, biological and/or chemical agents to set off major attacks inside the country.

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