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Judicial Watch • Fidel Castro Wants Clinton-Obama White House

Fidel Castro Wants Clinton-Obama White House

Fidel Castro Wants Clinton-Obama White House

Judicial Watch

The worldâ??s longest ruling dictator is encouraging Democratic rivals Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to team up for a White House run because they would create an â??unbeatableâ? ticket.

In an editorial published in Cubaâ??s official Communist Party newspaper, Granma, Dictator Fidel Castro says a Clinton-Obama ticket would be invincible. Castro writes that Hillary for president and Obama for vice president would create a winning combination because Hillary is the (Bill) Clinton successor and Obama is the popular African American candidate.

The Communist dictator, who has outlasted nine U.S. presidents since taking over in 1959, says Clinton and Obama have only demanded a democratic government in Cuba because it is a sacred duty in seeking votes in Florida, with its powerful Cuban exile population.

Castro is rooting for Hillary because he has fond memories of her husband. The dictator praised Bill Clinton for sending federal agents to â??rescueâ? Cuban boy Elian Gonzalez from the home of his Miami relatives in 2000 and says Clinton was â??really kindâ? to him at a United Nations summit meeting that same year.

Now the worldâ??s most oppressive and murderous living dictator wants to return to the glory days of having the Clintons in the White House. Castro does make clear, however, that his favorite U.S. president is Jimmy Carter because he was not an accomplice to the brutal terrorism against Cuba.

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