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Judicial Watch • What Is Clinton Hiding In White House Papers?

What Is Clinton Hiding In White House Papers?

What Is Clinton Hiding In White House Papers?

Judicial Watch

Recent polls indicate that Hillary Clinton has effectively promoted her White House experience as a strong reason to be elected president yet the New York Senator insists on keeping information from her First Lady Era secret until after the 2008 election.

Although she has swayed many Americans by touting her experience as unique among all candidates, Clinton wants to keep the gory details of that eight-year tenure under wraps and federal archivists are following orders, ignoring hundreds of public records requests in the process.

Nearly 2 million documents detailing Clintonâ??s White House years are securely locked up in a room at her beloved husbandâ??s presidential library in Little Rock Arkansas. They are, under no circumstances, to be released prior to the 2008 presidential election.

The information includes calendars, appointment and telephone logs, schedules and memos as well as thousands of pages of documents from her work as the countryâ??s miserably failed healthcare reformer.

Judicial Watch has worked endlessly to obtain the records in order to offer Americans the kind of information and transparency they should have on a presidential candidate. More than a year ago Judicial Watch filed a public records request and last month the organization sued.

After all, Clinton has used the informationâ??albeit selectivelyâ??to promote her presidential candidacy. Many Americans have evidently bought it, recently indicating in a national poll that the senator is more experienced and a stronger leader than her major rivals for the 2008 Democratic nomination. Incidentally, Clinton didnâ??t score as high in the poll when it came to most likeable and most honest candidate.

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