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Judicial Watch • Clinton Ignored Warning About Hsu’s Dirty Cash

Clinton Ignored Warning About Hsu’s Dirty Cash

Clinton Ignored Warning About Hsu’s Dirty Cash

Judicial Watch

Despite being warned months ago that a shady Chinese fundraiser ran an illegal enterprise, Hillary Clinton gladly accepted his hefty donations and now federal authorities have launched an investigation into his businesses.

The New York senator disregarded valuable information about Norman Hsu’s questionable business dealings and proudly crowned him a "HillRaiser" because he pledged to raise at least $100,000 for her 2008 presidential campaign. Hsu has raised $1.2 million for Clinton and other Democrats and his decades-long legal problems evidently don’t bother the recipients of the cash.

So what if Hsu is a fugitive wanted on a 15-year-old warrant for investment fraud? While he evaded U.S. justice, the New York-based millionaire raised big bucks for top Democrats and they clearly wanted the money to keep flowing.

He exceeded federal contribution limits to Clinton’s campaign by funneling the money through friends and associates that he later reimbursed and now some of them are coming forward. In fact, an investor in one of Hsu’s businesses said she was forced to make donations to Clinton even though she "can’t stand the woman."

Another associate said warnings about Hsu’s illicit empire were ignored by authorities as well as the Clinton campaign. Not surprisingly, the senator’s front man (Howard Wolfson) refused to comment and insists the campaign conducted a background check on Hsu before crowing him a "HillRaiser."

Tainted money has never been a problem for Clinton who has already been fined for violating federal election rules during her senate campaign for concealing more than $700,000 in contributions.

The former First Lady also took thousands of dollars in illegal contributions from a wealthy Pakistani businessman who fled the country and appears on the FBI’s Most Wanted list–after being charged with conspiracy and illegal campaign contributions. Clinton said she had no idea her lucrative donor, Abdul Rehman Jinnah, was violating the law.

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