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Judicial Watch • Deported Criminal Illegal Immigrant Murders Baby

Deported Criminal Illegal Immigrant Murders Baby

Deported Criminal Illegal Immigrant Murders Baby

Judicial Watch

In the latest example of the governmentâ??s failure to protect the nation from criminal illegal aliens, a man responsible for the atrocious murder of a California infant has turned out to be a drug-addicted illegal immigrant deported after a felony conviction.

Somehow the violent criminal, Juan Sanchez, sneaked back into the U.S. and lived under the radar in the southern California community of Rancho Cucamonga about 50 miles from Los Angeles. He recently beat his girlfriendâ??s 8-month-old son to death after the infantâ??s nose was â??mistakenlyâ? wiped with the methamphetamine-laced cotton swab Sanchez used to clean his pipe.

Fearful that he would be sent to prison, Sanchez forbade his girlfriend from seeking medical care when the baby became sick from the drug exposure. For three days the barbaric convict tried to get the infant â??off the highâ? by shaking him, slapping him and tying him to a bed. When the baby was finally hospitalized, he had a skull fracture, bleeding in the brain, detached retinas and a broken arm.

The mother and Sanchez have been charged with the infantâ??s horrific murder. A sad component to this depressing story is that Sanchez should not have even been in the U.S. because in 2001 he was convicted of robbery and deported. He crossed the border illegally and authorities had no idea of his whereabouts until he committed this heinous crime.

Just last month a previously deported Mexican man with a criminal record killed an entire family when he crashed his car into theirs on a Houston freeway. The illegal alien (Juan Felix Salinas) had been deported two years ago and was free on bond in a criminal case yet was allowed to remain in the country. He had a blood alcohol level three times the Texas legal limit when he murdered the family.

Earlier in August, illegal aliens with extensive wrap sheets ruthlessly killed innocent youngsters in two different states within a few weeks. One of the incidents received international attention because a Peruvian gang banger was charged with the gruesome execution-style murders of three college-bound students in a Newark school yard.

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