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Judicial Watch • Another Publicly Funded Day Laborer Center

Another Publicly Funded Day Laborer Center

Another Publicly Funded Day Laborer Center

Judicial Watch

Officials in one South Florida county have come up with a costly taxpayer-funded solution to accommodate illegal immigrant day laborers who in the past have been arrested for soliciting and loitering.

Thanks to a veteran commissioner (Dennis C. Moss), Miami Dade County has allocated $200,000 to build a day laborer employment center where illegal immigrants can gather to find work rather than litter the streets as they have been for years.

Scheduled to open in a few weeks, the 2,000-square foot center is conveniently located near a major home improvement store in an area called Homestead. The facility will provide day laborers with a photo identification and register them in a database depending on the kind of work they do. Potential employers will also register and officials assure that immigration status will never be asked.

Similar taxpayer-funded day laborer centers have opened around the country and Judicial Watch has legally fought them since federal and state laws prohibit committing public funds and resources to facilitate the illegal employment of undocumented aliens.

Judicial Watchâ??s efforts forced Herndon Virginia to shut down its publicly funded day laborer center for illegal aliens just last month. Judicial Watch is currently investigating similar facilities in the Southern California cities of Thousand Oaks and Laguna Beach as well as Seattle Washington.

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