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Judicial Watch • Clinton’s $1 Million Woodstock Earmark Nixed

Clinton’s $1 Million Woodstock Earmark Nixed

Clinton’s $1 Million Woodstock Earmark Nixed

Judicial Watch

Hillary Clinton’s secret mission to redirect one million taxpayer dollars from health and education to a campaign donor’s 1960s music festival museum has been exposed and defeated in the Senate.

In June Clinton and her fellow New York Democrat in the Senate (Charles Schumer) slipped an earmark into a massive 2008 Health, Human Services and Education spending bill that would have given $1 million to a museum memorializing the 1969 Woodstock Concert.

More than half a million "flower children" partied at the weeklong rock-n-roll event that many say epitomized the hippie movement. The museum, which has already received $15 million from the state, will open at the site of the original Woodstock in Liberty New York.

The Woodstock Museum’s main backer (Alan Gerry) is a registered Republican who recently became a major Clinton campaign donor as well as a big contributor to the Schumer-led Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

In fact, nine days after the $ 1 million earmark was placed in the $604 billion education and health spending bill, Gerry and his wife contributed the maximum of $9,200 to Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign. They also gave $20,000 to the Democratic Senatorial Committee.

Like most federal earmarks, the Woodstock earmark would have probably slipped right through Congress if not for the efforts of a Republican lawmaker dedicated to eliminating wasteful public spending. Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn led the mission to kill Clinton’s Woodstock million and a bipartisan group of Senators agreed enough to eliminate it from the original bill.

Now the $1 million will go to maternal and children’s health, including programs to reduce infant mortality, handicapping conditions and comprehensive care for women. That certainly sounds like a better cause for tax dollars than a Clinton-supported rock-n-roll hippie museum in upstate New York.

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