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Judicial Watch • Governor Sued For Firing Illegal Aliens

Governor Sued For Firing Illegal Aliens

Governor Sued For Firing Illegal Aliens

OCTOBER 25, 2007

The governor of Missouri is being sued for racial discrimination because he terminated a state contract with a janitorial company that employed numerous illegal immigrants, some with fake Social Security and U.S. residency cards.

As part of his initiative to crack down on illegal immigration, Governor Matt Blunt vowed earlier this year to immediately cancel public contracts with businesses that cannot certify that all their employees meet state and federal employment eligibility requirements.

The state also requires all law enforcement officers to check the immigration status of every suspect they arrest and makes businesses that benefit from state tax programs or incentives to certify in writing that they do not employ illegal immigrants.

When Missouriâ??s manager of custodial operations noticed inconsistencies in the work documents of employees working for the stateâ??s janitorial company, Capitol Police was notified. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigated and discovered that in fact numerous illegal immigrants worked for the company.

As per state policy, Governor Blunt immediately terminated the contract assuring that it wasnâ??t one or two people that might have slipped through the cracks of employment verification but rather a large part of the companyâ??s workforce.

This week the janitorial companyâ??s owner sued the governor for racial discrimination, even though 25 employees have been arrested for being in the country illegally. The lawsuit actually states that several of the employees have already been found guilty of using forged documents to work in the United States.

Yet the companyâ??s owner, not only wants to reinstate his state contract, he also wants an unspecified amount of money for damages. He claims that Blunt exceeded his gubernatorial powers when he terminated the contract and subsequently banned his business from future state work.

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