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Judicial Watch • Judges Rule Against Immigration Laws

Judges Rule Against Immigration Laws

Judges Rule Against Immigration Laws

Judicial Watch

A pair of federal judges on opposite sides of the country handed the U.S. governmentâ??s efforts to curb illegal immigration serious defeats in separate rulings this week.

On the same day that a San Francisco judge blocked the government from implementing a plan to crack down on businesses that hire illegal immigrants, a judge in the District of Columbia delayed construction of a fence along an unprotected stretch of the Arizona-Mexico border.

Claiming that the new work rules would impose hardships on businesses and their employees, U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer granted a request by civil liberties organizations to block a plan that would force employers to verity Social Security numbers and fire workers whose numbers donâ??t match official records.

The much-needed enforcement program was developed by the Department of Homeland Security to help crack down on the estimated 12 million people living the country illegally as well as the employers who knowingly hire them.

The other defeat was handed by U.S. District Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle, who ruled that the federal government failed to conduct an adequate environmental assessment before starting construction of a fence along a 1.5-mile portion of the Arizona-Mexico border that is a wildlife conservation area.

The judge sided with a pair of environmental groups requesting a delay in the fence project after accusing several federal agencies of failing to conduct a thorough study of the fenceâ??s effects on the environment.

Ironically, the thousands of illegal immigrants who annually cross the border through the conservation area along the San Pedro River have destroyed it with tons of litter. The area is almost completely covered with garbage, human waste and discarded clothes. Liberty Post has revolting photos of the area depicting hundreds of yards of trash left behind by illegal immigrants entering the U.S. from Mexico.

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