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Judicial Watch • Illegal Alien Reports Stolen Drugs In Texas

Illegal Alien Reports Stolen Drugs In Texas

Illegal Alien Reports Stolen Drugs In Texas

Judicial Watch

An illegal immigrant from Mexico who operated a drug enterprise out of a south Texas house actually called police to report that two masked gunmen broke into the home and stole 150 pounds of marijuana.

When Hidalgo County sheriff’s deputies arrived at the house near Penitas, the door had in fact been kicked in and nearly 15 pounds of marijuana that had been left behind by the thieves were lying on the floor.

The illegal immigrant, Jose Guadalupe Flores, actually told deputies that he had been wrapping the drugs for shipment when two masked gunmen arrived and ransacked the house. He said the masked intruders got away with 150 pounds of his marijuana.

Flores was charged with felony possession of marijuana and will be held without bail because he is in the country illegally. More than likely the drugs that supplied his lucrative home business were smuggled into the country from his native Mexico.

Each year hundreds of tons of illicit drugs flow into this country from south of the border and U.S. officials have documented how Mexican-made drugs have spread to almost every region of the nation. In fact, a detailed Congressional report published just a few months ago reveals the astounding figures.

According to the report, about 7,000 tons of marijuana arrives into the United States from Mexico annually. Other Mexican-made drugs that regularly make it into the U.S. include cocaine (275 tons per year) and heroin (19 tons per year).

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