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Judicial Watch • Louisville Council Stands By Illegal Immigrants

Louisville Council Stands By Illegal Immigrants

Louisville Council Stands By Illegal Immigrants

Judicial Watch

Majority Democrat lawmakers in Kentucky’s largest city have publicly vowed to block any legislation that denies taxpayer-funded services to illegal immigrants.

The show of solidarity among pro illegal alien legislators was announced after a Republican member of the Louisville Metro Council proposed a resolution urging the city to adopt much-needed policies to deal with illegal immigrants who benefit from municipal services.

Councilman Doug Hawkins proposed the measure because a fast-growing illegal immigrant population is taking a toll on public resources in Louisville, a city of about 700,000, and the federal government has taken no action.

His proposal also featured an agreement with federal immigration authorities that would allow local officials to access a national database of illegal immigrants with outstanding criminal warrants as well as a training program for city workers to identify fake Social Security cards and other fraudulent forms of identification.

But the measures were met with hostility among Democrats, who make up the majority of the Louisville Metro Council’s 26 members. They promised to vote against any future proposals that would exclude illegal immigrants from receiving public services with one councilwoman saying that dealing with illegal immigrants should be left to the federal government.

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