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Judicial Watch • Millions Pour Into Clinton Foundation

Millions Pour Into Clinton Foundation

Millions Pour Into Clinton Foundation

Judicial Watch

Donations to Bill Clinton’s nonprofit foundation have increased nearly 70% since Hillary announced her presidential run, a sign that perhaps the New York Senator with a long list of shady fundraisers is conveniently using it to skirt federal campaign finance laws.

Unlike political campaigns, the so-called foundations of former presidents can accept unlimited dollars from corporations and foreign countries and they aren’t required by law to release donor information.

With this in mind as well as the Clintons’ knack for shady fundraisers with deep pockets, could it be a coincidence that donations to the William J. Clinton Foundation are pouring in like never before since Hillary announced her run for the White House?

The nonprofit foundation raised more than $135 million last year alone, a whopping increase of nearly 70% from the previous year. Likewise, donations to the Clinton Library in Little Rock Arkansas have tripled since 2003. Although the Clintons said the presidential library would include a wall recognizing contributors, it has yet to be erected and probably won’t before the 2008 presidential election.

Not coincidentally, the Clinton Foundation’s board of directors includes Terry McAuliffe, the former Democratic Party chairman who currently heads the former First Lady’s presidential campaign.

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