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Judicial Watch • No Licenses For Illegals In N.Y. But ID Cards In S.F.

No Licenses For Illegals In N.Y. But ID Cards In S.F.

No Licenses For Illegals In N.Y. But ID Cards In S.F.

Judicial Watch

On the same day that New York’s governor pulled the plug on his outrageous plan to issue illegal immigrants drivers licenses, a northern California city became the nation’s largest to offer official municipal identification cards to illegal aliens.

Thanks to a Judicial Watch lawsuit,

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer abandoned his highly controversial plan to allow the state’s estimated 500,000 illegal immigrants to obtain drivers licenses–in direct violation of a 2005 federal law requiring proof of legal status in the U.S. to get state identification cards or licenses.

Although the Democrat governor initially vowed to stand by the plan despite nationwide furor, he finally decided to abandon it this week amid serious concerns that Judicial Watch’s lawsuit, as well as threatened legislative action, would block the measure.

But across the country, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors overwhelmingly voted to issue municipal identification cards to illegal aliens at an estimated cost of $2 million to taxpayers. The official city ID cards will allow illegal immigrants to open bank accounts and companies holding city contracts must accept them as legitimate forms of identification.

The notoriously liberal northern California city also has a sanctuary ordinance that forbids its police department and all public employees from inquiring about immigration status or assisting federal immigration officials in the arrest or deportation of illegal immigrants.

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