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Judicial Watch • Non Border States Pay For Illegal Immigration

Non Border States Pay For Illegal Immigration

Non Border States Pay For Illegal Immigration

Judicial Watch

Defying the myth that illegal immigration is only taking a toll on U.S. states along the Mexican border is a new study documenting that one non border state spends nearly $300 million annually to educate, incarcerate and medically treat illegal aliens.

Conducted by a renowned organization that aims to curb illegal immigration, the in-depth study focuses on the devastating burden that Tennessee has experienced thanks to its rapidly growing illegal immigrant population which has increased from about 46,000 to 100,000 in just a few years.

The growth has depleted the state of public resources and taken quite a toll on taxpayer-financed services intended for law-abiding legal residents and citizens. Education has been hit the hardest, with an estimated cost of $228 million to educate the children of illegal immigrants. This includes an additional $27 million annually on special programs for limited English students who are not even in the U.S. legally.

Tennessee also spends about $22.7 million a year on medical care for illegal immigrants, nearly $6 million on incarcerating illegal aliens who have committed crimes and $1.5 million on other public services such as assisted housing, mental health treatments, autopsies and burials.

Similar studies illustrating the negative impact of illegal immigration have been published in the past, but most have focused on hard-hit border states like California, Texas and Arizona. Clearly, the problem is spreading across the nation.

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