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Judicial Watch • Giuliani’s Ties To Jailed Felon Exposed

Giuliani’s Ties To Jailed Felon Exposed

Giuliani’s Ties To Jailed Felon Exposed

Judicial Watch

A jailed felon has provided boxes of incriminating evidence against Rudy Giuliani’s indicted trusted lieutenant that could also implicate the Republican presidential candidate.

Guilty of organized crime securities fraud, the convict (Lawrence Ray) has given federal authorities documents, electronic mail, memos, faxes, photos and financial statements that prove wrongdoing on the part of Giuliani’s disgraced New York police commissioner, Bernard Kerik.

Last month Kerik was federally charged with corruption for accepting bribes—in the form of renovations to his palatial apartment–from mob-connected builders who sought his help as New York’s top cop in winning city contracts. Giuliani still recommended his friend and close confidant to head the Department of Homeland Security but White House aides, investigating the future cabinet member, immediately learned of his organized crime links, questionable financial deals, ethics violations and allegations of mismanagement.

During his presidential campaign Giuliani has gone to great measures to distance himself from both Kerik—who he referred to as a brother before running for president–and Ray, the jailhouse informant. This new evidence, however, shows that Ray had a relatively close relationship with the then New York mayor and that Kerik invoked Giuliani’s name in connection with a New Jersey construction company tied to organized crime.

This is hardly the first scandal to surface since Giuliani announced his White House run. A few weeks ago he was exposed for hiding an extramarital affair as New York mayor by charging taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars in travel and security expenses to visit his mistress in Southampton.

Over the summer Giuliani’s campaign chairman, South Carolina state treasurer Thomas Ravenel, was federally charged for cocaine possession and earlier in the year a mega law firm partially owned by Giuliani disclosed that it lobbies U.S. legislators on behalf of a socialist Latin American leader who repeatedly antagonizes America and refers to George W. Bush as the devil—Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez.

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