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Judicial Watch • Illegal Immigrant Advocates On Phoenix Task Force

Illegal Immigrant Advocates On Phoenix Task Force

Illegal Immigrant Advocates On Phoenix Task Force

Judicial Watch

The Arizona mayor, who under pressure from Judicial Watch agreed to reverse his city’s illegal immigrant sanctuary status, has chosen a peculiar task force of renowned illegal alien advocates to help with the transition.

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, for years a proud defender of his city’s sanctuary status, has picked a group of former state and county prosecutors with a history of supporting illegal aliens to help reverse a longtime policy that forbids local police from asking suspects about their immigration status.

The mayor’s coveted team features a U.S. Attorney (Paul Charlton) who refused to prosecute illegal alien and drug smugglers while at the Justice Department, a state attorney general (Grant Woods) cited and fined for knowingly hiring an illegal immigrant and a county attorney (Rick Romley) who characterizes immigration enforcement as McCarthyism, the 1940s and 50s period of intense suspicion in which thousands of Americans were accused of being communists.

With a roster like that, it’s not surprising that Mayor Gordon assures the new Phoenix measure will protect Constitutional rights and prohibit racial and ethnic profiling. Gordon acknowledged that the don’t-ask-don’t-tell law, known as Phoenix Police Operations Order 1.4, is outdated because it was written in another time and under the premise that the federal government would fulfill all its responsibilities regarding immigration.

The mayor’s about-face regarding the heated immigration issue came only after Judicial Watch launched an investigation and threatened to take legal action as it has in Los Angeles, Chicago and the District of Columbia. The organization has also been successful in shutting down taxpayer-funded labor centers for illegal aliens.

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