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Judicial Watch • Judge Dismisses Charges For Gifts

Judge Dismisses Charges For Gifts

Judge Dismisses Charges For Gifts

Judicial Watch

A South Florida judge who will star in an upcoming syndicated court television show cut a deal with criminals and the prosecutor handling their cases to drop charges against those who donated Christmas gifts to her favorite charity.

Miami-Dade County Judge Karen Mills Francis, well-known for becoming only the second black woman to beat an incumbent for a county judgeship, got in the Christmas spirit by cutting deals with criminals who appeared before her. While the prosecutor who agreed to the illegal scheme has been fired, the judge has so far not been disciplined.

In the few weeks before Christmas, Judge Francis offered to dismiss charges against several defendants scheduled to appear in her courtroom if they brought in toys for Safe Space, a domestic violence shelter that also helps children. Evidently, it’s the judge’s favorite charity and she just wanted to help those in need.

Perhaps the judge felt that her bizarre antics would help her Hollywood career. It turns out that Judge Francis recently sealed a deal with a major Hollywood studio to star in a syndicated show called “Judge Karen” in the fall of 2008. A renowned show business trade publication highlights her pioneer status as a black female judge in south Florida and her success as a trial attorney before becoming a judge.

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