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Giuliani’s Ties To Jailed Felon Exposed

A jailed felon has provided boxes of incriminating evidence against Rudy Giuliani’s indicted trusted lieutenant that could also implicate the Republican presidential candidate. Guilty of organized crime securities fraud, the convict (Lawrence Ray) has given federal authorities documents, electronic mail, memos, faxes, photos and financial statements that prove

Public School Teaches How To Enter U.S. Illegally

A public high school in Ohio is forcing students to assume a Latino identity then teaching them how to enter the United States illegally and how to forge documents in order to live in the town as an illegal alien. The Spanish class at the taxpayer-funded school (Olentangy Liberty High)…

States Protect Doctors Who Abuse Drugs, Alcohol

Nearly every state in the nation operates publicly funded drug and alcohol rehab programs that protect dangerous physicians who are allowed to practice while supposedly undergoing treatments that are rarely supervised by state licensing boards. Thousands of doctors across the country have participated in the confidential programs that specifically aim…

Border Patrol Under Fire For Gassing Violent Attackers

U.S. Border Patrol agents near Mexico are using pepper spray and tear gas, rather than lethal force, to fend off a surge in attacks by violent human smugglers and Mexican officials have accused the federal officers of using the chemicals to ruthlessly assault their nationals. Border Patrol agents began using…

Report: Pervasive Pattern Of Corruption At U.N.

A new U.S.-led task force has uncovered yet more corruption at the scandal-plagued United Nations where this week nearly a dozen officials from the world body’s renowned peacekeeping operations were exposed for soliciting bribes and rigging bids. Led by former federal prosecutor Robert Appleton, the procurement task force revealed a…

Publicly Funded Centers Aide Fla. Illegal Immigrants

Taxpayer-funded employment and social services centers for illegal immigrants are popping up throughout south Florida and advocates of immigration enforcement are taking note and protesting. In Miami-Dade county $200,000 of taxpayer money was recently used to fund such a facility in Cutler Bay and further north in Jupiter, nearly 2…

Security Flaws In Voting Machines Nationwide

With another presidential election approaching, the high-tech electronic voting machines that many states bought after the 2000 dimpled ballot/hanging chad fiasco continue having serious problems and yet another state election official wants all machines replaced because they are vulnerable to manipulation. About $3 billion were spent nationally to purchase

Governor’s Gambling Adviser Indicted

The wealthy businessman who served as gambling adviser to Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is himself a big-time gambler who has been federally charged with tax fraud for improperly using company funds to pay off huge gambling debts over the years. Roofing contractor Christopher Kelly was actually one of Blagojevich’s closest…

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