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2007 - Page 62 of 62 - Judicial Watch

Mexican Government Promotes Illegal Immigration

Less than a year after publishing a booklet with safety tips for Mexicans attempting to cross the U.S. border illegally, the Mexican government is distributing hand-held satellite devices to ensure the violators complete their journey safely. The new satellite tracking service will help rescue those who get lost or become…

Obama Says He Was A Pothead Junkie

Illinois Senator Barack Obama, who plans to run for president next year, said negative stereotypes of young black men drove him to be a cocaine-abusing “pothead junkie” when he was younger. In a published memoir he wrote years ago, the popular Democratic lawmaker said an identity crisis arising from the…

U.S. Promotes Radical Islamic Group CAIR

Weeks after allowing a terrorist organization that preaches radical Islamic ideology to conduct Muslim “sensitivity training” for federal officers, U.S. officials continue promoting the group by publishing its propaganda on a taxpayer-funded government web site. This week the Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security

Interior Dept. Officials on the Take?

Officials at the federal agency responsible for managing billions of dollars in oil revenues are being investigated for accepting money from companies vying for government contracts as well as multi billion-dollar shortfalls in oil payments from those companies. A bureau of the United States Department of the Interior, the Minerals…

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