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Judicial Watch • Another Violent Act By “Deported” Alien

Another Violent Act By “Deported” Alien

Another Violent Act By “Deported” Alien

Judicial Watch

In yet another example of the federal government’s negligence in enforcing immigration laws, an illegal alien with an outstanding deportation order violently stabbed his roommate and choked a police dog in Massachusetts.

The Brazilian man remained free in the U.S. despite an Immigration and Customs Enforcement order to leave the country and evidently the agency didn’t bother to enforce its own rule. Like many other “deported” illegal immigrants the man ignored the agency’s order long enough to commit a violent crime.

The illegal alien (Julian Demoura) stabbed his roommate five times, including once in the stomach and three times in the back, with a large kitchen knife. A third roommate called police, but Demoura had already fled into the woods of Rockland, a small town located about 20 miles southeast of Boston. He then used his shirt and a metal rod to choke and bludgeon a German Shepard police dog searching for him.

It was only after the illegal immigrant was arrested for this crime that authorities discovered his violated deportation order. Demoura has been charged with attempted murder, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, two counts of mistreating a police dog, cruelty to an animal and giving a false name to a police officer.

This is hardly the first time that a previously deported illegal immigrant remains in the country undetected to commit a violent crime. In the last year alone, two illegal aliens with unexecuted deportation orders murdered police officers—in Houston Texas and Phoenix Arizona—and several others committed atrocious crimes against innocent Americans, including rape and murder.

Just a few months ago a drunken Mexican man with a criminal record and ignored deportation order killed an entire family when he crashed his car into theirs on a Houston freeway. The illegal alien (Juan Felix Salinas) only suffered minor injuries and his blood alcohol level was three times the Texas legal limit. He had been deported to his native Nuevo Leon Mexico after a separate assault charge yet lived in the U.S. undetected until he committed the horrible tragedy.

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