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Judicial Watch • Bill’s Lincoln Bedroom Guests Keep Giving To Hillary

Bill’s Lincoln Bedroom Guests Keep Giving To Hillary

Bill’s Lincoln Bedroom Guests Keep Giving To Hillary

Judicial Watch

Indicating what lies ahead if another Clinton occupies the White House, many of Hillary’s big donors participated in the 1990s fundraising scandal in which her husband sold Lincoln Bedroom sleepovers and other White House perks for millions of dollars.

The unprecedented White House-for-cash stays were part of Bill Clinton’s brilliant strategy to raise $100 million for his reelection. The deep-pocketed guests included representatives of large corporations, foreign-government lobbyists, wealthy prominent attorneys investigated for wrongdoing and a socialite who orchestrated Bill’s last-minute pardon of fugitive financier Marc Rich.

In all, nearly 1,000 White House “guests” gave more than $10 million to Bill Clinton and many of them have, not only donated heavily to Hillary’s presidential campaign, they have also been crowned “Hillraisers” for bundling at least $100,000 each from friends and relatives. Some have promised to raise $1 million or more for the New York senator’s financially struggling campaign.

These donors’ ties to the fundraising scandal are not relevant to Hillary, who insisted back in 1996 that the “Lincoln Bedroom was never sold” and refers to them simply as loyal “friends and supporters.”

A Justice Department investigation revealed otherwise, however. The agency’s campaign finance task force issued a scathing 94-page report saying that Bill Clinton’s desperate need to raise enormous sums of money led to a situation where abuse was rampant and indeed the norm.

A separate congressional inquiry revealed that the big Clinton donors were not only given overnight accommodations in the White House, they were also ushered into the Oval office for coffees, lunches and other meetings with the president and First Lady and taken for rides on Air Force One.

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